Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a business?


People look to buy an existing business for a lot of reasons.  Perhaps to provide a job and income for the family.  Investing in yourself is another common approach.  Buying an existing business allows an entrepreneur to. generally, take advantage of an already seasoned stream of income.  Usually this is preferred to the 6 months to 24 months it takes to start up a new business.   

Who can qualify for financing for a business?


We work with a variety of traditional and non traditional lending metrics to provide a wide variety of financing methods to purchase a business.  There is no one size fits all approach and our flexibility means we can usually approach deals that others can not.  Give us a call and tell us about yourself.  Let us work with your strengths and weaknesses to find a fit.  

I have heard SBA loans are hard to get....


We LOVE and understand SBA loans!  We are really good at it.  If you have the desire to purchase a property, let us help.  Although the process is not simple or straightforward--it really is our passion!